Nursing + Fasting

As a first time mom, there are many questions I have had but no one has been able to truly answer them for me. And I've noticed, God wants it that way. Where I am forced to depend on Him and the Holy Spirit. So I've decided to finish what I started and share my [...]


It’s truly a GIFT!

If you’re new to Christianity it is imperative that you dive into the word of God! It is imperative that we as babes in Christ unlearn some things and learn God’s complete truth. It will be life changing for you. I’m so sure of this because it’s been life changing for me. When I first [...]

Who Are You?

I've taken a little hiatus from blogging and I must say I've truly missed it. Every other day I had the thought "I need to post." or "I need to keep putting material out there." not really knowing the route I wanted to take. But in reality I know exactly the route I wish to [...]

The War

This was going to be a Facebook post but I felt led to actually blog about it instead! I recently spoke with a Purpose Coach and she spoke to me about writing devotionals and what not. Mind you, I've always had this page just didn't really put it out there but I realize that my [...]

To forgive + forget

Hey y'all! So I've recently just bought this book which focuses on prayer + journaling. It consist of 52 weeks worth of material (a year) and I am completely in awe of how God has been speaking to me since I've started using it. I haven't used it to journal in. I find that books [...]

Faith Leaping

As a young girl I never dreamt of dancing as a professional. But like I've mentioned in one of my first blog post, God has a way of PUSHING me through things. Not a bad thing, but very uncomfortable. I was told many many times as a child that I was lazy and I would [...]