Crossing Bridges

There’s a space that I’m In at this very moment where I could be fearful and not trust in God. But over yonder, I see some new space that I have yet to touch. New land, I’ve yet to envision, of all the possibilities to come forth. I also see there’s a bridge in between … Continue reading Crossing Bridges


Make the Time

With so much happening in my life at the moment, it's been a little hard to find quiet time. I'm currently staying with my sister with her 5 children including a newborn (he's about 3 months now) along with my little one who turns the BIG ONE in just a few days .. YAY! So … Continue reading Make the Time

Nursing + Fasting

As a first time mom, there are many questions I have had but no one has been able to truly answer them for me. And I've noticed, God wants it that way. Where I am forced to depend on Him and the Holy Spirit. So I've decided to finish what I started and share my … Continue reading Nursing + Fasting